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The beach competition scene in the United Kingdom and Europe has resulted in innovative designs of terminal tackle and bait presentation.We stock the best of these innovations that are most suitable for Australian fishing and research any new ideas that come from our suppliers.

We are moving premises over the next few months so the items available have been limited so to ease the move. Once relocated we are intending to source some mid range blanks for the beach fishers, one will be 12ft two piece with a 6 ounce casting weight, the other 13ft 2 piece with an 8 ounce casting weight. These will initially be offered as blanks only, later we may be able to have rods built to user specifications

We don't ask for payment in advance, if we don't have the item in stock we order it and wait for its arrival. We only ask for money when we have a confirmed consignment note number for the customer.

Each product has an indicator which says 'In Stock' or 'To Order'. If item is in stock it will be sent by the best transport means, either Australia Post or Road Transport within 48 Hours. If item is 'To Order' we will source from overseas by the best available means, we will advise the customer of the wait times.

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